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Security Services Review

Choosing Security Guard Companies in NJ

Of the many Security Guard Companies in NJ has to offer, Do all of them fit your needs?
Each of the companies services can range from armed to unarmed guards, some only provide armed security guards while others provide solely unarmed guards. You should be sure to check with the company you are considering to hire and make sure that they provide the service you need.

You may also want to verify that the company you are hiring has been properly licensed with the state to operate a security company in New Jersey. This is extremely important as if the company does not have the proper documentation you can be held liable for damages that might occur from directly or indirectly utilizing their service. The last thing you want is for a guest of your event to be injured by a security guard employed by a non-sanction security guard company.

That leads me to insurance. Insurance is next in the priority list as the security guard company you are hiring should have a enough coverage that it could sustain your event size. We recommend a minimum coverage for any event security company in new jersey having $5 Million. With out insurance the company should not even be considered or even allowed on your property where you are hosting your private event.

In addition to being insured and having a valid security guard license the next most important factor in choosing a security guard company would be to make sure that each security guard is SORA certified. Being SORA certified means that the guard has completed the proper training required by the state of new jersey in order to perform security hard related tasks and be employed by a licensed company. Please note that there is a 30 day grace period in receiving these certifications so they might not be available to display at the time of your event. That being said, there is a temporary card with an expiration date on it that the security company should be able to provide you.

With those items squared away you should consider the staff that is employed by the security guard company in NJ. Does their appearance fit your needs and requirements? are there items that you would prefer that the guards do not have or must have in order to work on your private land? For instance do you have a policy where tattoos are not allowed to be showing during business hours? Maybe you require the removal of facial hair or dyed hair? You should be able to request these items when hiring the security guard company in New Jersey.

Beyond appearance policies or requirements, do you have any uniform requirements? Typically a security guard company will have a standard outfit that includes; black shirts, pants a boots. However if you do not like the combat style look or would lie a softer appearance, than make sure you mention that during contract negotiations. You could perhaps request that all of your security guards have uniforms that consist of a polo shirt and khakis. It is important to note that you cannot completely 100% customize their uniform as by state law they are some times required to wear specific items that are visible to the public. For example while providing security guards for events in new jersey, guards typically have to wear a security patch and have he words "Security" on the back of their uniform in full display.

In addition to uniforms, does the company provide ID badges to it's employees? Are they basic cheap print at home IDs? You can tell a lot about the companies service by the quality of their IDs. An ID badge is an investment in their employees and in turn an investment in the security guard company its self. A cheap print at home ID might mean that the security guard is not a permeant employee and is there for a one time event. Guards who are only working one time for a company tend to have less pride about their work when compared to a seasoned vet who has been with the company for a long time and feels his appearance and mannerisms are a reflection not only on their self, but also n the company that he works for.

There are a lot of factors to be considered when reviewing security guard companies in NJ. The first few mentioned are super important and if a company doesn't meet those criteria they shouldn't even be considered. So when choosing a company you should screen every one with these 2 questions right off the bat:
1.) Do you have a valid security Guard Company Service
2.) Are you insured? for how much?
3.) Are all of your guards SORA certified with the state of New Jersey?

If all of those questions check out, then you can move on to the more granular details of your requirements.

GuardEX is one of the top security companies in NJ, providing both unarmed & armed security workforce to businesses, schools and other organizations. GuardEX Security is located in Rutherford, NJ and provides services to all of North Jersey, including; The Meadowlands, Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Sussex and Warren counties. They provide services to various industries and have over 10 years experience The services provided are 100% completely customized and tailored to each of their clients needs.
Most of their guards have backgrounds in law enforcement, and all of our team members must meet the highest standards for employment including recurring background checks and continuous training.

Business owners searching for reliable security agencies in NJ should call the GuardEX office at (201) 355-5590 or visit to inquire about our services.

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